Our Story

Enunci8’s mission is to encourage and promote civic engagement to bring progressive change, equality, and social justice to every American. As well as, work to address and slow climate change to ensure our planet is life-sustaining for current and future generations.

You Shop        •       we donate        •       Progress made

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone to become civically active so we created The Advocacy Store, an online store to help you express your inner-advocate and bring about progressive change as a result of your purchase.

In addition to Enunci8.com home to civic resources, our blog, YouTube channel, and Podcast used to inform and motivate citizens to become civically active, the Advocacy Store lets you get involved and support progressive policies and promote social justice causes simply by shopping. We all shop, so why not shop and make a difference.

For every t-shirt sold, we donate $2 to four non-profits that we choose every year who have proven themselves champions of progressive policies, defenders of democracy, social and racial justice, inclusion, and equality, as well as fighting climate change.

For every t-shirt sold from our eco-collection, we plant two trees to help strengthen our carbon filter and extend our oxygen source to ensure our planet remains life-sustaining for generations to come. You can find out who our current donation recipients are here.

We add new products and designs every week so be sure to check back often and subscribe to our newsletter, The Loop, at the bottom of this page to receive new product notifications, special offers, and useful information on the major policies and issues that affect all our lives.

We also invite you to visit the main Enunci8 website where you can read our blog, watch our videos, listen to an episode of our podcast, and visit our Civic Resources Center to get the latest information on major legislation working its way through Congress, upcoming vital elections, and more.