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Gun Reform Now #enough

woman protesting gun violence
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We must end this insanity of mass shootings. The Republican Party can no longer use the lie of being “pro-life” when they refuse to pass even the most basic gun reforms that 70% of the country support like universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, raising the age requirement to purchase an assult weapon, a weapon of war, to 21 until we can reinstate the assult weapons ban that the Republicans under George W Bush let expire. The Republicans have the blood of innocent Americans on their hands because of their inaction.

Enunci8 donates a portion of every t-shirt purchase to March For Our Lives to help end gun violence and fight for common sense gun reforms.

We must also stop allowing the Republican Party and the constituents to lie about the 2nd Amendment. They have twisted and abused it. Even the Republican appointed, conservative Justice Warren Burger in 1991 said, that what the Republican Party has done to the 2nd Amendment was the “biggest fraud on the American people ever.”

Below is a little video that explains the truth about the 2nd Amendment and exposes one the the biggest frauds on the American people. Watch it, then share it, becuase the truth about the 2nd Amendment will never be taught in schools in the United States.

The Truth About the 2nd Amendment – Matthew Cooke

There is no such thing as freedom in the United States as long as we cannot go to school, the grocery store, the mall, a movie theater, a house of worship, or any other public space without the fear of being the victom of another mass shooting with a weapon who’s sole purpose is to kill as many people as possible as fast as possible.


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